_________A main leader in operational assistance_______

Project management success requires a balanced combination of technical, economical, operational, legal, financial and social skills; of deep ethical and aesthetical feelings; of human resources involvement through shared goals and positive motivations; of tasks consistently addressed and redressed, through careful and thorough planning and control; of systemically managed, extensive, effective information.

AcSiMaLiA's mission it to proactively contribute to the success of your projects by allowing you to take benefit from over than 20 years of experience capitalized by our experts. They are serving missions entrusted to them with assets such as:

- Expertise: critical asset to carry out complex projects on technical, geographical and human fields. Read the testimony of one of our consultants.
- Know-how: it allows our consultants to make the relevant connection between the methodology and best practices associated with technical and computing skills needed to carry out the missions assigned.
- Responsiveness:  we have developed an efficient process to meet your needs as they are identified. We help you to earn time and money by providing you with the technical and human skills, on the right time at the right place

These assets are those that best define the AcSiMaLiA's mission.

There is no doubt that this distinguishes and positions us above what is available on the operational assistance market.