_______At each key step of your projects: a key job______

Our planners, architects and engineers are used to working with designers, specialised technicians, financial experts, economists, market advisors, and legal and administrative experts to deliver the most suitable product in relationship to the specific situations and characteristics of each project.

Beforehand, the essential phase of assistance work, which is located upstream of the decision to undertake a project and/or during its realization.

In the preliminary phase, it is important to bring together all the required expertise to set the program, to evaluate direct or indirect costs, to study alternate solutions.

Assistance to the Project Owner identifies and brings together the resources that will match the project definition and means required for its realization.

Engineering consulting is to define the technical specifications of the project.

Preliminary study is then completed and the profiles that we provide, in terms of age and experience, enable us to fully encompass the whole chain ranging from on-site Project Manager up to the Project Director with assignments such as:

- OPC driver: the one man band of the project,

- Project Manager: vouches for the smooth running of the project.

- Synthesis Architect: the project Technical Director.

- Illustrator-Designer: human mediation ensuring that the reality of the research department matches the field one.

To monitor project progress and deadlines, our consultants use project management tools including softwares which allow, in case of delay or slippage, to reschedule the remaining work of the project plan. Tools used include Microsoft Project, NHP, Primavera and other project planning tools.