_____________________OPC Driver____________________

The OPC driver is responsible for phasing, coordinating and planning the entire project, from the preparation phase up to the project sign-off.

This mission has three main steps:

-          Work preparation

-          Work execution

-          Work acceptance

Starting from the deal notification start date, the OPC driver leads coordination and animation initiatives for the whole team until the work is perfectly completed.

Testimony from M. El Faleh, OPC Driver for AcSiMaLiA :

OPC study and logistic mission is to manage all workpackages from the subcontractors selection phase to the delivery on the field. The driver has to establish and track schedules of main plan delivery milestones (manufacturing and production, compliance, deliveries) in order to stay within the main project contracted dates.

This requires:

-          To control assigned deals as well as technical or decorative workpackages.

-          Control of each contributor’s role involved in the customer process.

-          Anticipation at every level, from study to delivery, to identify risks.

-         Set up of effective tracking tools for each delivery (plans, acceptance, manufacturing, delivery).

-        Meetings to be planned with different stakeholders and reports are issued to present progress, in order to identify potential variances with baseline goals.

OPC’s mission aims somehow at project management as technical alternatives or technical issue resolutions can be suggested or driven by our drivers. Also, financial tradeoffs, triggered by a variance between the contractual deal and the execution, can be driven and resolved by drivers.

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