_________________Architect of synthesis_______________

The Architect assumes the technical lead position.

The Architect draws execution plans. He contacts several building firms and evaluates their propositions in order to choose one (by comparing prices and abilities). He writes a document summarizing the service delivered by each subcontractor (bricklayer, electrician…) as well as suggested material characteristics. This document is delivered to the contractor along with the pre-study plan.

Upon customer or sponsor validation, he performs a pre-study which provides the material type, chosen colors, areas to be built, a global construction cost estimate with a realization timeframe. He then files a building permit request with the building overall characteristics.

His mission is to perform a feasibility study on the field with a first project sketch in the form of project plans showing the location and volume distribution. He has to take into account regulatory constraints (technical, urbanistic) but also budget, work types and delivery time limits.

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